Food Cart Permits

Food Carts are one of the best ways to take your product or brand to the front-lines and generate great consumer reception in multiple major markets. When a small footprint with a BIG impact is needed, a wrapped Food Cart is an exciting new way to sample a new brand or showcase an existing product to your target demographics. Strategically located at key, high-traffic locations in most major cities, we can provide you with a turnkey Food Cart marketing solution from San Francisco to New York.

Think of food carts as a mobile pop-up store that gives billboard-type exposure in high traffic areas while acting as a portable restaurant. Throw in an attractive and well-spoken team of Brand Ambassadors, and your food cart will have the recipe for success.

With 25 years plus of permitting experience, EventPermits is the most qualified team in the nation to help your brand successfully navigate through the tricky permitting process in major cities, from coast-to-coast, across the USA.

Our experienced team can assist you with the following:

+ Building budgets
+ Finding just the right locations
+ Food cart specs
+ Cart wraps
+ Health permits
+ Security
+ Sampling permits
+ Parking permits
+ Brand Ambassadors & Staffing
+ Wearable’s
+ Signage
+ Commissary Food Trucks